Wednesday, April 22, 2015

There goes my job!

We have been in a drought for several years now.  It has gone on so long that jobs are now being lost.  Farmers are not planting because there is no water.  Repairs are being put off or just patched until there is some relief. 

My phone has stopped ringing.  I did have some loyal steady customers who kept me busy, but at this point I can't even count on them.  There is just not enough work

Just a few years ago I would have had several air conditioner service calls per week during this time of year.  I had a customer decide to remove the windows from his cab so he wouldn't have to replace an air conditioner compressor and evaporator recently.  Gone are the days that if the air conditioner, radio, and suspended seat all didn't work, the tractor parked until they were all fixed.