Wednesday, December 19, 2012

out of my comfort zone

I have traveled a lot through the years.  I have trained in several states and vacationed all over the country.  Tonight I am in Davis, CA staying at the Hallmark.

I feel very out of place.  I don't like the traffic and I seem to be well beyond the average age.

When I checked in they gave me a free drink token for their bar.  That was a first.  When I got to my room I found that there was no Bible which is another first.  I don't know if the Gideons missed this place or were not allowed in.  Probably the latter.  Makes me itchy like I shouldn't be here.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

unemployed SM

I'm kinda bummed today.  My boss got fired.  It's not that I was attached to him, I barely new him.  I hate to see anyone get the axe.

I am always amazed at the number of people in the work force who aren't any good at their job but seem to always get by, and the others who get sacked over so little.  A guy who doesn't even show up with 20 years on the job still employed, while a guy that tries hard but is just not so bright gets the boot.  (I'm not talking about anyone in particular, just an observation.)

I once new a guy who lost his job after 30 years because he was strongly opinioned.  He was the same guy for all 30 years but one day suddenly he was the plague.  One of his longtime co-workers steals everything that is not nailed down yet still has a job.  It really is all about personality.

Remember to pray for those less fortunate than you, the list is growing.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kubota AC

I started back at my new/old job Tuesday 5/29/2012.  One of my first jobs was an Air Conditioner blowing hot air.  It was 104 degrees outside and 98 degrees at the vents in the cab.  When I hooked up the gauges the pressures were scary high.  See the video.

This is a dairy tractor and the radiator and condenser were about 40% plugged.  Without enough air flowing through the radiator and condenser the fan clutch would not even engage.

After blowing out the radiator and condenser, the fan clutch would engage and the cab vent temperature was a comfortable 60 degrees. 

Looks like this customer needs a regular visit with an air compressor.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gas prices

I had a little welding project this morning but the welder was out of gas.  The tank holds 11 gallons and I didn't want to make multiple trips with a gallon can.  I went to the hardware store and picked up a five gallon can. 

If you think gas is expensive, go buy a gas can.  The California legal, environmentally safe can cost twice as much as the gas to fill it. 

It would have cost less to have someone weld my scraper for me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Changing jobs

I just unloaded my tool box from the QMC service truck.  I start back at Pioneer Equipment Co. Tuesday morning. 

I will miss the people I worked with at QMC, they were not just my co-workers, but my friends.  I had a lot of fun working in a small shop and small town but it is time to get back to business. 

I don't think I had much to offer customers with old MF tractors, my background and education is in more modern equipment.  Most Massey Fergusen owners seem to want everything repaired cheap the first time, and free every time after that.  I once had a Massey Fergusen owner ask me why I was adding new coolant to an engine I had just overhauled.  He wanted to know what was wrong with the old coolant that I drained out.  I guess twenty something year old coolant that was leaking from the water pump seal causing the radiator to be half full and allowing the engine to overheat.....well you get the point.  I just didn't fit and there was just no way to convince them that maintenance pays in the long run..

I am going back to Pioneer Equipment Co. where I worked for 25 years.  Every job has some difficulties, but it feels like where I belong.

I will be glad to be doing work I can be proud of and can share here.  Stay tuned for case studies, videos and photos of tractors I am working on.  I should finally have some material to share.  It is a lot less money but a little more secure.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dodge Caliber

2007 Dodge Caliber

There is a strange noise coming from the front of the engine on this Dodge.  Sounds like a bearing in an idler on the serpentine belt.  The problem is the noise is intermittent and every time I'm listening the noise is not there.  The noise always happens right after it leaves me.

I removed the belt and spun the idlers and all the accessories and everything seems smooth.  With the belt back on I ran this thing for three hours at varying speeds with ac on and off, and with a load on the engine.  No luck, no noise.

A week later the car owner comes in while the noise is happening.  Woohoo!  Finally I got to hear it.  As soon at the headlights are turned on the noise starts and it sounds like a failed bearing in the generator.  When you shut the engine off and restart it, no noise, until you turn on the lights.

Picked up a generator and changed it out today.  My arms are tired.  The AC compressor has to be removed and the generator then comes out the bottom of the engine compartment.  Without a lift here it was all laying on my back reaching up.  I'm going to sleep good tonight.