Friday, May 25, 2012

Changing jobs

I just unloaded my tool box from the QMC service truck.  I start back at Pioneer Equipment Co. Tuesday morning. 

I will miss the people I worked with at QMC, they were not just my co-workers, but my friends.  I had a lot of fun working in a small shop and small town but it is time to get back to business. 

I don't think I had much to offer customers with old MF tractors, my background and education is in more modern equipment.  Most Massey Fergusen owners seem to want everything repaired cheap the first time, and free every time after that.  I once had a Massey Fergusen owner ask me why I was adding new coolant to an engine I had just overhauled.  He wanted to know what was wrong with the old coolant that I drained out.  I guess twenty something year old coolant that was leaking from the water pump seal causing the radiator to be half full and allowing the engine to overheat.....well you get the point.  I just didn't fit and there was just no way to convince them that maintenance pays in the long run..

I am going back to Pioneer Equipment Co. where I worked for 25 years.  Every job has some difficulties, but it feels like where I belong.

I will be glad to be doing work I can be proud of and can share here.  Stay tuned for case studies, videos and photos of tractors I am working on.  I should finally have some material to share.  It is a lot less money but a little more secure.

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