Saturday, February 22, 2014

MXU115 14900 error

I went out Friday afternoon on a call to check an MX115 that would not move in either direction.  The tractor was shredding brush in a vineyard and just stopped in the middle of the field.

When I got there they had found another tractor and pulled the MXU to the end of the row for me.  I'm glad because walking a quarter mile to work on a tractor is bad enough, but when the rows are full of pruned branches you get all skinned up.

I first did a visual inspection and saw wires hanging on the right side behind the battery box.  The driver told me that the low range had stopped working earlier in the day.  The differential lock light was on and the error warning light was flashing. 

I hooked up the laptop to read the error codes but could not communicate with the controller.  I was not too surprised by this since I have been having trouble with the cable on the laptop but I saw that the ADIC was online.  It couldn't be the cable on the laptop if it was reading one controller.

The wiring had to be fixed and it was not accessible without lifting the cab or removing the rear wheel.  The customer agreed to haul the tractor to the shop to get it going. 

Saturday morning he hauled it in and I pulled the rear wheel off to get at the transmission harness.  The transmission temperature sender wires, and one clutch solenoid valve wires were completely pulled off.  Luckily I had most of the right terminals and connectors to do the repair.  I didn't have the temp sender terminals but I did have some that were close enough to get it going.

Once the wiring was repaired I replaced the blown #33 fuse.  This fuse is for the transmission CAN which explains why there was no communication with the transmission controller.  With the new fuse installed I was able to connect to the controller with the laptop.  I cleared the codes and ran the tractor for a while to see if the code repeated.  The code did not repeat and I test drove the tractor around the yard for a while to be sure.

I'm not sure if the damaged wiring had anything to do with the blown fuse.  I did not check the schematic to see if there was any relation.  The customer was in a hurry to get back to work and said he would bring the tractor back when he was caught up for some other repairs.

I made a video of the repair here

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