Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kubota Engine teardown

I recently replaced the engine in a Kubota RTV 900.  The water pump seal began leaking and the coolant level was not checked or topped off.  No coolant in the engine quickly caused the engine to overheat.  When the engine got to the point that it was hard to start the customer brought it in for us to check it out.

The engine cranked faster than normal and made a lot of smoke.  I ran a compression test and it was low.  At that point the customer decided to replace the engine with a brand new replacement engine from Kubota.

New engines from Kubota come with starter, alternator injection pump and injectors.  They also have a new engine warranty and are reasonably priced.  It costs close to the same amount to overhaul one and the rebuilt engine usually has a 90 day warranty.  Most customers want the new engine.

I tore down the overheated engine and recorded it on video.  Watch and you will see what happens to an engine when you ignore that coolant puddle in the driveway.  Sometimes the temperature gauge will not show that the engine is hot if there is no coolant in the engine.  The gauge reads coolant temperature not air temperature.  No coolant, no warning that's just the way it works.

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